The Holidays Pt2 (Christmas Day)

The Holidays Pt2 (Christmas Day)

Ahhhhh. That’s how today feels. 

Why does it feel so good giving gifts that people love?

Well, specifically Michael.

Today was so perfect… well almost. But by far the most, I don’t know, wonderful Christmas ever.

I got him some super useful stuff that I knew he needed / wanted / knew would look amazing on him. He loved everything I got him!!

I’m so good at picking out clothes for him, but that’s not the point. He loved everything. He’s happy. I love when he’s happy and I love shopping and buying him stuff that he’ll use. It’s just the best fuckin thing ever.

We did Christmas our way. We bought each other stuff because we love each other SO much and know each other so well that we enjoy looking for the perfect gifts.

I was so excited to give him his stuff. I didn’t even THINK about what the heck I was getting until it was time to open it.

I just love him I love us I love this family we’ve made.

I got mad at him for stealing my piano immediately after I opened it but I took steps to diffuse my anger (not easy), forgave him, and then we went on a walk in the rain and ugh I’m just happy. In the past I would’ve let something like that ruin the day. Not this time.

Christmas morning has been heaven.

I even had to use some therapy tools to get through the day.

Still have my family later but I’m gonna go prepared. Don’t care. I’ll worry about that later.

I haven’t been this excited about Christmas since I was a kid.

This was our first Christmas together in our own place. And it was perfect.

I want to save this day in my pocket forever. 




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