The Holidays Pt. 1
The Holidays Pt. 1

The Holidays Pt. 1

Its raining again. ahhh.

It’s so nice but honestly I was already having a hard time getting my mind out of holiday mode but I suppose I’m just stuck here now.

I have not been working much since I quit that shit job in early November. I’ve been home a lot. Not making money from home. A lot.

I have worked maybe five to ten days since then (money-work) and now I just cannot focus. I have been doing a lot of work on my businesses that I don’t want to forget about but it just doesn’t feel like much when you’re not making money from it yet.

I am monumentally scattered right now.

I feel good about my personal projects that I have going on. I’m spending my time doing things that I love but I spend wayyyy more time frantically swishing spit around my mouth and pacing and jumping from one thing to another. I blame quarantine mostly. And the ADHD that I haven’t been diagnosed with but literally every person in my immediate family has.

But quarantine has really fucked with my schedule. Like I can’t commit to things that involve me being away from home for long or else I wanna  cry. I feel attached to home. Emotionally.

Also I do not fucking want to ever work for another human ever again. I want MY OWN SHIT. My way. Is that so much to ask?

Well I guess that’s my answer then. Continue doing the things that fill me up and get someone to pay me for it. Lol. Good luck!

No but sarcasm aside you got this you smart talented amazing lil minx xoxo

Go easy on yourself ITS CHRISTMAS DO WHAT YOU WANT. Work will pick back up in January don’t FORGET. Until then lay low and enjoy life love you hunny



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