Gratitude #2
Gratitude #2

Gratitude #2

This morning I am grateful for:

  • being able to watch racing with my man in the mornings before he goes to work. We have so much in common and it just feels good to have something we are both so into and both genuinely love to watch. He is my best friend. Everything is better when we can do it together.
  • I’ve said this a million times, but the sun coming through my window in the morning is just everything. It makes me feel so good. Being able to see the sunrise sky. I mean I can see the sky all dang day! At my old place, I could only see the buildings next to me. I need the open sky. Being boxed in between buildings killed my soul, tbh. I truly believe that living like that encourages my depression to come back around. Gosh damn I need to go the fuck into the mountains and just be. Every corner of my life right now screams nature. Its what I crave. What I want. Where I want to be. It fuckin fills me up. Earth is so wonderful. Modernization is also wonderful but not always. Mother Nature is in our bones. I was never meant to be a caged bird. Anyway, the window. I am soooo eternally grateful to have an open view.
  • I am grateful for my body. I have all four limbs and they work quite well. Overall my body is healthy and working and capable and beautiful. I think about this often. Some people literally come out of the oven missing pieces… that’s fucked up. And would suck. And some people have to go through it. I am grateful for this privilege.
  • Honestly I’m very distracted by my hair right now and cannot think of another thing I’m grateful for, although there is a lot. 

Signing off, beloved journal




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