Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies

I don’t understand how its already December. Time is flying by. 

Yesterday I got a fortune cookie that said “speak from the heart”. I know fortune cookies are just made by a person who printed them on paper and randomly handed them out…but I can’t help but take my fortunes to heart. Especially when they happen to be relevant. “Speak from the heart.” And that is what I’m trying to do.

Here’s where my heart is at right now:

I’m happy. I have had a really good week. I’ve been managing my time really well.

I set my weekly goals. I didn’t hit them but I didn’t NOT do them. I worked all week. I did the work that is going to reap positive outcomes throughout the process. And hopefully increase my income. I’m proud of myself for that.

It’s so easy to get scattered when you’re doing your own stuff.

When I was acting, it was so easy to spread yourself thin while doing all the little things to get your face out there. It was exhausting, to be honest. This work I’m doing now…its different. But it’s still easy to get lost in the shuffle.

I need to continue to make clear goals, from the bigger picture all the way down to the first step.

But I fuckin did it this week. Fuck yes. I can do it.

Honestly, I have no clue where exactly my life will end up but I’m excited to be giving it a try and I’m so excited to find out where life sweeps me off to along the way. I’m really looking forward to finding my way. Finding where I fit. Finding my thing. Maybe I already have? Hahaha.

Who the fuck knows but that would be lucky as fuck. 

Speak from the heart. I will do just that, thank you very much panda express.

Right now, my heart is telling me to keep listening.

It feels like I’m on the right track. It feels like I’m finally getting to know myself and what is important to me. This sounds so cheesy but I really want to honor my true self. I want to learn what is going to nourish me and follow it through even if my ego wants something completely different. I’ll just listen to my heart. I’ll figure it out. 



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