Feeling VERY antsy and energetic and bouncy like I need to not sit down this morning.

I’m all jumbled and scattered and am having a hard time getting focused.

This is very usual for me. I feel energy. So I get up. Then I kind of just wander and start a few things but am kind of glazed over. I don’t know. Whatever. Normal human stuff I guess.

Anyway, it’s still early, 937am. I have the whole day ahead of me.

I can’t help but wonder if this is the adhd my therapist thinks I have and my psychiatrist thinks I may have but won’t dive into until we have leveled out some of the ptsd symptoms… Or maybe this isn’t abnormal and humans are just constantly looking for solutions to their imperfections to make life easier? Or maybe its just me.

Anyway. I’m really excited to start regularly doing a gratitude journal. I’m in a high phase aka not in a depression so I think I need to adjust my journaling.

Digging into hard stuff makes me think of hard stuff so I’m happy to switch gears and encourage more good feelings.




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