Just had a thought that I want to note because its good.

Life is brutal and cruel and unfair and violent. Just watch a nature documentary. The wild is just that—wild. No rules. Just needs that get met in any way possible, or don’t.

We are a part of that. Just a civilized version.

Just wild creatures living within constraints.

And for some reason we need to romanticize and give meaning to our lives. We’re so weird.

But also so fucking beautiful.

I’ve been following a lot of writers and they’re reminding me… Humans are just these massively creative beings looking for depth and meaning.

We express those aches through words and movies and music and paintings…

We create beauty out of life. We tell stories to ease the pain. We tell stories through different forms to connect us to other humans. Who feel just out of reach. On the other side of the screen.

But they’re there.

Anyway, the point is that we are fucking wonderful. Beautifully creative. And it’s probably because we feel so much like so god damned much TOO MUCH sometimes and sometimes the only things that soothe our aches are outlets that touch other peoples’ aches.

So connected. Connected in the subconscious realm. Not as connected in the conscious realm. 

The lengths humans will go to express their aches are just…pretty extraordinary. 

Life is already beautiful and tragic; we just out here makin’ it hit harder.

I like it.


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